I make all my own patterns, so I do not have a specific sizing chart with weight and measurements. I can answer all questions about sizing PRIOR to ordering to ensure the best fit at -please see below for basic information about the sizing in my shop ;)

Shorties- the baby/toddler sizes run very true to size- go with the size your little normally wears. I made these shorties to last longer than just a couple months because at the baby/toddler stage, littles grow out of things faster than they can wear them! Most customers send or post images of their littles wearing items months, even a year or more!! The girls sizes run slimmer than the baby/toddler sizes as they are made for a different body type. They are made like a mini women's pair. Women's sizes are made to sit low on the waist and are even comfortable for pregnant mamas if they size up. There is a comfortable elastic waist. They do run shorter- if between sizes, definitely size up. I have a variety of mamas on my Instagram feed, and can always show a customer prior to ordering what size a mama is wearing.


Crops-Crops also run true to size; however, many mamas size up for a longer length on their little- it's totally preference. If you want a top to sit at a certain length or to be made much longer, email me for a special order at


Leotards- leotards are made with fabrics that offer a lot of stretch. If a leotard/fabric runs smaller, it will be stated in the item description. Some size up in leotards because they are a snugger fit, but that is preference. If between sizes, size up. 

Harems/Joggers- these are also made true to size and offer some extra room for growth. As always, if your little is between sizes or hard to shop for, email me prior to ordering to find the best fit at